Assistance In All Areas Of Patent Law

"The congress shall have power... To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times the authors and inventors the exclusive right to respective writings and discoveries." U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8

If you need to apply for a patent there are some things you should be aware of; patent prosecution involves one of our nation's oldest and most complicated legal areas. "Prosecuting" (applying for) a patent requires more than simply filing a form and drawings with the U.S. Patent Office. There will be a patent search and other possible investigations required to see if the method or product may be patentable over existing patents.

Additionally, there may be potential infringement issues that need to be negotiated or handled in court. These issues may require freedom to operate clearances or licenses before you can practice or market your method or product.

Our Houston patent attorneys have represented clients throughout Texas and across the nation.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner in Texas, securing a patent for your idea or product is a first step toward launching it in the marketplace. Turn to the intellectual property lawyers of Keeling Law, LLC, in Houston, for help in all areas of patent and other intellectual property law.

Some examples of patents we have helped our clients obtain include:

1. US Patent No. 9,375,715 HTHP pressure relief tool

2. US Patent No. 9,216,372 Sulfur trap

3. US Patent No. 8,651,017 Filter assembly for fryer and method

4. US Patent No. 8,114,037 Hydraulically actuated external pulsation treatment apparatus

5. US Patent No. 7,820,045 Sludge filter for separating sludge liquids from sludge solids

6. US Patent No. 7,820,074 ROV friendly vortex induced vibration inhibitor and method of use

7. US Patent No. 7,615,018 Leg ulcer, lymphoedema and DVT vibratory treatment and device

8. US Patent No. D597,755 Star chair

9. US Patent No. 7,267,873 Fiber reinforced concrete

10. US Patent No. 7,004,266 Adjustable downhole tool

11. US Patent No. 6,764,535 Apparatus for purification of carbon dioxide

12. US Patent No. 5,487,478 Inverted kingpost crane

13. US Patent No. 4,944,557 Seat belt handle assembly